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Nutrition Club Finder App


Struggling to find a nutrition club when you're on the go? Our Nutrition Club Finder App comes to your rescue! With thousands of clubs already available and new ones added weekly, it's never been easier. Find what you need quickly by searching around you or with zip code, city address or landmark search feature.


Apple Version Coming back soon!

App was removed by Herba life and has been re-realesed as of 5/15/2023. We are working to add locations back to the app and restore Apple version by late May.

HerbaNutrition Hub

Get creative in the kitchen with 80 delicious recipes from Nutrition Clubs across America. Transform your home into a cafe and make tasty teas, shakes, bowls, and baked goods - all while using top quality Herbalife products! Just click on one of our links to learn how you can order straight through your distributor or myherbalife site.


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