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5 must have Herbalife recipes to make at home | Herbalife Recipes

Updated: Jan 9

Herbalife Recipes: Nutrition Club Edition book offers delicious and easy-to-make recipes perfect for any occasion. Each recipe below includes a comprehensive list of ingredients, clear instructions on how to prepare the dish and even an accompanying YouTube video tutorial - all while utilizing Herbalife products! Plus, each Herbalife ingredient within the recipes is conveniently linked to its respective page so it can be ordered directly from your MyHerbalife site or trusted distributor. Get started now with these five must-try recipes; then head over to our blog post today for more great ideas as well as information on receiving a free pdf copy of Herbalife Recipes: Nutrition Club Finder book!

1. Better than Starbucks


High Protein Coffee House Blend| 2 scoops

Dulce de leche F1| 1 scoop

Caffe Latte F1 | 1 scoop

Sugar free chocolate syrup | drizzle

Sugar free whipped cream | 1 serving

Sugar free chocolate chips | 1 serving


Add 8-12 ounces of ice and 8-12 ounces of water to the blender along with high protein coffee house blend, dulce de leche and caffe latte and blend. Drizzle sugar free chocolate syrup in cup and pour blended mixture in cup. Add whipped cream and chocolate chips on top and enjoy.

2. Bad and Boujee Loaded Tea


Lemon Tea | 1 serving

Tropical Liftoff | 1 serving

H30 | 1 scoop

Mango Aloe | 1 serving

Blue Blast | 1 serving

Tropical Fruit | 1 serving


Pour lemon tea, tropical liftoff, H30 and mango aloe in base of cup. Add about 2 tablespoons of hot water to dissolve and stir with frother (or utensil if frother not available). Fill cup with ice and water. Sprinkle blue blast and tropical fruit on opposite sides of the mixture and enjoy.

3. Skittles Loaded Tea


Base Layer

Pomegranate Liftoff | 1 serving

NRG | ½ tsp Lemon Tea | ½ tsp

Cranberry Aloe | 1 serving

Cherry beverage mix | 1 serving

2nd Layer

Pineapple beverage mix | ½ tsp

Blue blast beverage mix | ½ tsp


Pour lemon tea, pomegranate liftoff, NRG and cranberry aloe in base of cup. Add about 2 tablespoons of hot water to dissolve and stir with frother (or utensil if frother not available). Fill cup with ice and water leaving room for 2nd layer. In a separate cup add pineapple beverage mix and approximately 1/3 cup of water and mix. Pour mixture on top of base layer, sprinkle blue blast on top and enjoy.

4. Acai Bowl


Vanilla PDM| 2 scoops

Wild Berry F1 | 2 scoops

Strawberries | ¼ cup

Blueberries | ¼ cup Zola

Acai Puree 9 (or similar) | ¼ cup


Put strawberries and blueberries in 16 ounce cup and then fill cup with ice and add to blender. Pour acai puree in cup along with ¼ cup of water. Pour mixture into the blender along with vanilla pdm and wild berry and blend. Scoop blended mixture into bowl and top with your favorite healthy ingredients and enjoy.

5. Pancakes


Vanilla PDM| 1 scoop

Protein Baked Goods Mix | 3 scoops

Egg | 1

Water | 1/3 to 1/2 cup

Cinnamon | to taste

Vanilla | to taste

Fruit of choice


Add vanilla pdm, baked goods mix, egg and water to bowl. Pour in a small amount of vanilla, dashes of cinnamon and mix. Prepare griddle or skillet with cooking spray and cook pancake mixture. Top with fruit (s) of choice, sugar free syrup and enjoy.

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